Jess Brown      

Explorer and storyteller at heart, I find inspiration and stories waiting to be told everywhere. From international shores, to my own backyard in Seattle, it's never hard to find. When I'm not giving into wanderlust and traveling, you can find me kayaking the waters of Washington, snowboarding the Cascades or Rocky Mountains, and climbing everything I can get my hands on. 

Calling the Pacific Northwest my home and favorite romping grounds has had a huge impact in my journey and my story. It's where I grew up and where I discovered two of my deepest passions in life, photography and the outdoors. They allow me to create amazing relationships with the environment, the people of the outdoor community, and to build a life I love. I call myself a sports and lifestyle photographer but everything inspires me and it's constantly evolving. In the end, all I hope is to meet amazing people, see the world, love the environment, and live a life that tells a great story. 

Explorer, photographer, hippie, my name is Jess Brown.

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